Easy User Access – Updated – Download Apks & Access Site Features – From Your Build

Good morning Insomniacs,

Another great feature for all Insomniacs Build Users. The Insomniacs – Easy User Access script has now been updated, to version 1.3. We have also added all the Insomniacs website Downloads’ categories, so Users can now eaily download all the Apps/Apks available on this website, straight from your device, and Build!.. ( Within just a few clicks) Aswel as access all the other Insomniacs website’s features.

What does the Insomniacs – Easy User Access do?

The Easy User Access is a script, which acts as the middle-man, when you want to ccess all the website features, including downloads. Normally, when Users want to download the Insomniacs Apps/Apks, you would need to use the Internet browser, then enter the Insomniacs website homepage, then visit the ‘Downloads’ section to download any of the available Apks/Apps.

With the Easy User access, you simply open it up, within the Build. Then click the feature you want to access, For example, if you want to download an App or Apk, just choose one of the categories from the ‘Download’ section of the ‘Easy User Access’. The ‘Easy User Access’ isn’t just handy for easily accessing donwloads via your Build, or device. You can also access many of the other features that the ‘Easy User Access’ has. Below, I will list¬† the sections, and feaures you can benefit from via the ‘Easy User Access’.

  • Download ApksThis is a section, for the Downloads Category. Below the ‘Download Apks’ section is all the Categories, for all the best, and latest Downloads. Like Movies & TV, Live TV, Sports, etc, etc.. When you click on ‘Movies & TV’ This will then show you all the Apps/Apks available to download, what represent Movies and TV.
  • Useful Links The Useful links, is a User’s handy guide. under this section, you will find the Insomniacs Builds/Wizard/Website ‘ How to Guides’, Insomniacs News, Support & Info, etc etc.
  • MoviesUnder the Movies categories, you will find everything you need to do with Movies on Kodi. From the latest HD Releases available on Kodi, to Magic Dragon new releases, you will find all the latest, and upcoming Movies in this section. – You can also create your very own personal Movies Watchlist. Which you can also access under this section. When you click on any Movie, you will find all the info you need for that Movie, to make your mind up, on whether it’s a Movie you want to watch. Like the Trailers, Cast, Overview, release date, aswel as other Users reviews on that Movie. You can also rate & revie Movies you have seen, for other Users.
  • TV-ShowsSimilar to the Movies Category, the TV-Shows section gives Users access to everything you need to do with TV-Shows/Series. Check out the New & Returning series, Series coming soon, and many more.. You can also create your very own personal TV-Shows ‘Watchlist’ aswel as check the trailers, info, and overview for each season released for that series, aswel as check the Series ratings & reviews from other Insomniacs Users.

What devices, Does the ‘Easy User Access’ script work on?

The Insomniacs – Easy User Access script, works great on the following devicies: Android Boxes, Smart TV’s, PC’s, Tablets, Mobile phones… The only device I have not been able to test it on, is Firesticks. – If i remember rightly, when we first released the Easy User Access script, Firestick Users found a way on how to use it. But they had to install Google Chrome to either their device or Build. (I’m not too sure) If it does require Firestick Users to need to install a web browser, then we will add a web browser to the Insomniacs Repo for Firestick Users to easily install. – I would appreciate it, if there is anyone who is experienced with Firesticks, to check how to get it working, if it doesn’t work on Firestick devices.

How do I access the Easy User Access?

It is super easy for any Insomniacs Build User to use the Insomniacs – ‘Easy User Access script. The Script can be accesses under the Wizard-Hub section, of all the Insomniacs Builds. Below, I will add a quick guide on how to access the script. And also how it works.

All you need to do, is click ‘Easy User Access’ under the Wizard-Hub section. (As Shown Below)

Once you click on the ‘Easy User Access’ script. It will then open. ( As Shown Below)

On the ‘Easy User Access’ script, you will see the list of all the available ‘Download’ categories. As highlighted in the screenshot above. I will click on the ‘Movies & TV’ Downloads category. This will then open the ‘Movies & TV’ Dowloads categroy from the website. (As Shown Below)

Once you click on any of the ‘Downloads’ You will then see the details on that download, aswel as the option to ‘Download’ it. (As Shown Below)

When you click on the ‘Download’ icon, the download will then start.. ( As shwon below)

Once your App/Apk has downloaded to your device. You can then Install it.¬† It’s as easy as that….

Please Remember: You can also add any of your installed Apps/Apks from your device right to your Build. – We have even made a full step by step guide on how to do this. Click here for the full step by step guide, on how to easily access, and add Apps to your Build.

At the moment, all downloads don’t require you to Log-In. This is something we are just trialing. But if it gets abused, then we will have no choice, but to switch it back to Users having to be logged in, to donwload. – We would like Users, to leave some feedback on some of the downloads, to help other Users.

We hope that Users enjoy the new Easy User Access update. This is another great feature for all Insomniacs Users.



The Insomniacs Team.