How to use the Buffer Prevention feature – Via The Insomniacs Wizard

Good evening Insomniacs,

Nothing is more annoying than buffering, watching a Movie/Show, or even music on Youtube, and that spinning circle keeps appearing. I know, when i first started using Kodi, this was the one thing which frustrated me the most. (Aswel as finding a Build, which would work well longer than just a week)

There is a couple of things you can do as a User to prevent this from happening. Luckily, with the Insomniacs Wizard, there is an Anti-Buffer prevention feature.

Please Note: If you don’t see the ‘Buffer-Prevention Feature’ under the Wizard-Hub, then you need to Update your Build. ( IF YOU DO SEE ANTI-BUFFER PREVENTION UNDER THE WIZARD-HUB, THEN PLEASE SKIP PAST THIS SECTION OF THE POST) As it’s recently been re-added to the Builds. To quickly update your Build, simply click the ‘Update Build’ under the Wizard-Hub. The Insomniacs Wizard, will then do all of the work for you. It will first of all, delete your current ‘Old’ Build version. Then it will download the latest version of the Build, then Install it. Once Kodi closes, the update is then done. Please allow a moment, on the first launch, for any Add-Ons or repositories to update. Once you see the usual Insomniacs Notification that Cache is cleared, and Packages, then that’s a good indication that your good to go..

Each device needs to be set a certain way. The Cache settings, timeout, low speed, read buffer factor, and a few other tweaks, can make such a big difference. With the Insomniacs Anti-Buffer feature, the Wizard will analyze your device, and recommend the best settings for that particular device. And it literally takes a minute to set up. The Wizard does all the work.

First of all I will show you to set up the Anti-Buffer feature. Then i will tell you a couple of other steps you can do to put an end to Buffering…. which I religiously do on a weekly basis. And no longer, ever experience buffering. (I will add this at the bottom of this post)


How do i set the Anti-Buffer feature?

Ok, first of all, i will show you how to quickly set up your device, with the best settings, via the Wizard Feature:

The first thing you need to do, is click the Anti-Buffer Feature, which is in the Submenu section of the Wizard-Hub, as shown and highlighted, in the screenshot image below:

Onc you have clicked the the Anti-Buffer-Feature, the following screen will load. (As shown below):

This is the Anti-Buffer-Feature main menu. You now need to click the quick configure ‘AdvancedSettings.xml’ (As highlighted in the screenshot below)

Once you have clicked the ‘Quick Configue’ option, you will then see a graph screen. (As shown in the screenshot below)

The Quick Configue, is a great part of the Buffer-Prevention section of the Insomniacs Wizard. The Wizard quickly analyzes your device. And suggests the best possible settings, which will help your system/device, run at it’s best. For example, an Android Box, will require totally different settings, to a Firestick. So using this function, ensure that you have the best possible settings.

  • Quick Config – This option let’s you quickly Configue the Advanced Settings. Ensuring, that your device, has the best Video Cache size settings, timeout low speed settings, Read Buffer factor settings, and Buffer mode settings.

What you need to do now, is click the ‘Write File‘ option, as highlighted in the screenshot below:

Once you have clicked the ‘Write File’ this will then apply the settings which has been recommended by the wizard. Usually, the spining circle, shows for a second or two, whilst the Wizard applies these fixes. Once the Wizard has finalized this settiing for you, then it will direct you back to the ‘Anti-Buffer-Prevention’ main menu again. But you will see extra options, now that your device has been set up:

  • View Current AdvancedSettings.xml –
  • Remove Current AdvancedSettings.xml.

(As shown in the screenshot below)

You can now click the ‘View Current AdvancedSettings.xml’ (As highlighted below)

Once you click the ‘View Current AvancedSettings.xml’ you will then see your current settings, have been applied, like shown in the screenshot below:

And that’s it!.. Your done… Your device is now set unp with the best possible settings. Which enormously helps with the prevention of Buffering. Also, you only need to follow this guide once, as long as you set to ‘Keep the AdvancedSettings.xml’. In the Wizard Settings. Once this is set, then any future Build updates, the Anti-Buffer settings will just move over to your upated Build version.

How to Keep the Anti-Buffer Settings, for any future Build Updates:

Ok, so now you need to enable the ‘Keep AdvancedSettings.xml’ in the Wizard Settings.

So simply, click the ‘Settings‘ option, under the ‘Wizard-Hub‘ (As shown in the screenshot below)

Once the Wizard Settings is open you, then need to click the ‘Install Settings’ Tab on the left (As shown below)

Once you have highlighted the ‘Install Settings’ Tab. Simply, scroll right, then find the ‘Keep my AdvancedSettings.xml’ option (As highlighted in the screenshot below)

Now simply, enable the ‘Keep My AdvancedSettings.xml’ option, and then scroll across and click ‘OK’ (As shown below)

And that is it… Your Anti-Buffer Prevention settings, will now never need to be set again. As on each Build update, the settings will just transfer over to your new updated Build.

What othe things can be done to help prevent Buffering?

As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, i will now show you a couple of other things which I do, and it makes a huge difference. Now that your Anti-Buffer settings are in place, you just need to make sure, on a weekly basis that you do the following:


  1. Restart your Modem/Router – I very highly recommend that you do this at least once a week. Believe it or not, but this usually fixes 80/90% of buffering issues. Modems also get filled with Cache and data. For example: Each time, someone in your household visits a website, on a mobile phone, computer, or any connected device, your modem collects and holds that data. So if your household is anything like mine, where the kids have Mobile Phones, Tablets, computers ect.. Your Modem will soon, quickly get filled with data/cache. Turn your router off for a minute or two, then back on. It really does make a big difference.
  2. Use the Insomniacs Wizard ‘Cleanup-Build’ feature – This function massively helps with not only buffering, but also keeping your device running at it’s best. On each Build load, the Wizard clears Cache, and Packages. But selecting the ‘Cleanup Build’ will clear any old thumbnails.
  3. Make sure that your device, is not over run with installed Apps. As this can also affect the running of your device. Check your Device installed Apps. And remove any Apps, which you don’t need or no longer use.


By following these few steps, it will makes the world of difference. As i mentioned above, i do the modem reset, and the total cleanup on a weekly basis. And i never get any issues.

I hope this guide, has been helpful. If you would like to know anything else, in regards to buffering, then please feel free to comment below.


The Insomniacs Team.

Please Do NOT comment below, with any Build/Wizard Support. As we only answer any Support via the ‘Request Support’ option. The Insomniacs Team, receives instant notification, when a User/Member opens a Support request.